resin driveway ground stability

July 25th, 2022

resin driveway ground stability

There are a number of points  to consider

What is the existing surface?

Concrete? Tarmac? Imprinted concrete? Slabs? Block paving?

How stable is the existing surface?

Has it been down for a number of years? Are there any cracks?

Will or do you require it for  vehicle or foot traffic use?

Stability and support being paramount for this question

Is it for residential or commercial purposes?

In other words  high or low volume and use.

resin driveway ground stability

resin driveway ground stability







Resin driveway (or path and patio) stability will have a major impact on whether a resin driveway is for you bearing in mind the purpose of the works. In addition it will also have an impact on the longevity of any work completed.

Resin bonded surfacing uses an existing surface and therefore resin driveway ground stability is key.

Concrete as an example is a quality substrate.  Consider where it is used commercially- roads pavements, buildings, bridges and footings.  Subsequently this is reinforced this by way of length of life not to mention high use (from a residential perspective).

Our quote has always been “if its not broke don’t fix it” therefore if you already have concrete why remove it for resin bonded stone installs?

 Existing stability and support are key to resin bonded stone applications compared to resin bound stone.  Simply though if it has supported your vehicle then

Resin bound stone is permeable and should have a different substrate than the standard concrete and tarmac you and I will have on our driveway path and patio.  Alternatively if the existing is used it will be key that the correct drainage options are considered.






There are many options to drainage issues when you are considering the frontage of your property.  If you have water concerns consider a bog garden

With the current climate issues we all need to look to the future not just the here and now!

Landfill issues and global warming are major concerns for us all.   Consider the excessive heatwave we have just experienced –

How brown is your grass!  In a matter of day.

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