block paving resin resurfacing

August 4th, 2022

block paving resin resurfacing

Can block paving resin resurfacing work?   Simply put No!

Block pavers are individual surfaces which have the ability to move independently.   Resin surfacing is a monolithic singular surface.  Meaning no independent movement

This means with the weight of a vehicle one surface will contradict the other.  One of the many benefits  to have a solid monolithic substrate to support the resin. If you think about it concrete is used for footings . Why? Because it is a solid structure.  Meaning every good reason for it to be suitable a driveway.

Tarmac is equally suitable as this is also a solid monolithic surface.

resin bonded stone

Resin bonded stone, resin bonded aggregate or resin bonded gravel (all are the same)  originated from the ability to protect and offer an anti slip and potentially weed free surface.  Over time the evolution to domestic surfacing as opposed to commercial has developed. 

block paving resin resurfacing alternative

We were called to quote for a covering for block paving.  Resin has a number of uses albeit differing types of resin, ranging from a clear coating  which can work on block paving down to the requirement to remove block paving to provide a resin bonded or bound surface.  However our resin for resurfacing block paving is not realistic. However the quote we were already call out to assess was all set up to have a bound surface laid onto it!  Consequently not  something that would have provided any longevity or durability

Resin bound is laid to a depth that  can require the use of profiles

These profiles which are only required for bound installs and NOT bonded offer a support and an edging to support the surface.

The options  with resin once a surface such as block paving  is removed  would be:

Option 1

would be to lay resin bound surfacing and there is plenty of information on numerous sites. Explaining the processes and procedures

Option 2

would be to lay a new concrete or tarmac surface and then have a resin bonded surface.

Neither of these to options would be an inexpensive choice.

All options for driveways paths and patios highlight the surface water drainage requirements, however it should always be noted whilst permeability is always reinforced as a need it is not a must.

MANAGING run off water is the requirement.

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