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driveway resurfacing – facts and questions

What is the difference between Resin Bonded and Resin Bound?

Resin Bonded resurfacing bonds to a surface and is basically using the surface (tarmac,concrete, imprinted concrete, asphalt and in some case slabs) Resin Bound surfacing is trowelled onto compacted hardcore and is creating a surface.

How much does it cost per sqm

Price varies and is dependant on various factors but as a guide Resin Bonded Surfacing varies round about  £45 per sqm with Resin Bound being £55 to £65 a sqm

What surfaces can it cover?

Resin Bonded Resurfacing works best with tarmac,asphalt, concrete, imprinted concrete and slabs while Resin Bound Surfacing works best on hardcore due to its permeable qualities

Is there a choice of colours

Yes please see our range. We can also create an individual combination please feel free to contact us.  You can see from our Gallery page some of the options.

How long before I can walk on it.

You can walk and even drive on most surfaces within the day. Varying factors affect the curing time and process so it can vary according to each in individual job but we will advise you according to the job in hand.

What areas do you cover?

We are based in the East Midlands and can work within a 40 mile radius. However, dependant on the individual job we can travel further. Please feel free to contact us and we can discuss possibilities

Do you provide free quotes

Yes all our quotations are provided free of charge

How do you deal with any drainage issues

We can install and establish soakways, eco drainage channels and each job is assessed individually.

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