resin garden shaded area

September 29th, 2021

resin garden shaded area

A recent enquiry  came to us as follows

” I am having the solid resin but part of my back garden is in shade an awful lot.  My son in law says it will go green?  Is this right and if so can I clean that off or is it permanent damage please?

Many thanks for any help.  I  had the garden landscaped 6 years ago but they made a mess.  They did not remove a pond that I paid for just filled it in with soil  plus other problems.   So I want this installation to go ok as now I do not work its a lot to spend out again. Many thanks indeed for any help.”

Our response  with regard to this resin garden shaded area query was to suggest clarification with installer but the enquirer went on to say 

“I think they are just putting the glued type resin down not the gravel type.  Things are a little vague I am afraid but there are reasons I had to have them”
We believe reassurance was the reason so as always we aimed to provide an honest and fair  response.  We went on to say:-  
“It  depends on whether it is  resin bonded or  resin bound they are laying and the relevant effect of shady areas to the different installs.

Resin Bound is porous  so moss, algae and weeds can grow up (weeds)  or down (seeds) embed. Moss is a type of  small flowerless green plant that lacks true roots.  It grows in damp habitats and reproducing by means of spores released from stalked capsules. Algae is a simple, non-flowering, and typically aquatic plant of a large group that includes the seaweeds and many single-celled forms. Algae contain chlorophyll but lacks true stems, roots, leaves, and vascular tissue.

As resin bound is porous,  weeds and seeds can be an issue as roots embed this makes it harder to remove and potentially more damaging. Moss and algae causing a green/brown potentially slippy  area are a potential as well.  With regular cleanings and stiff brushing this  should be more manageable and removable.

Resin Bonded is NOT porous

Weeds and seeds are less of an issue as it does not allow the ingress of water. Therefore weeds growing up are virtually nil.  The same with seeds embedding the resin does not allow the root to go through the resin. Moss and algae as they are rootless can still develop but are easily removable with a stiff brush and as resin bonded is more anti slip and aggressive in texture than bound moss cannot adhere to the surface as well.

resin bonded stone demand resin garden shaded area

Once again to reiterate these aspects should be dealt with by your installer“.



resin bonded stone demand Nottingham

August 31st, 2021

resin bonded stone demand popularity 

Over the past 15 to 20 years  resin bonded stone demand has increased massively.  The reasons for this are varied. Suppliers and installers would say –

speed of install   durablity    attractiveness   permeability    versality  anti slip properties

and these are just a few of the benefits!

Perhaps the best marketing position every business is vying for is helping its rise in popularity  according to Google? 

If we compare the previous standards 

Block paving      concrete    tarmac  imprinted concrete   slabbs

resin bonded stone demand

you could ask what do they have that resin doesn’t – or vice versa!

We have always said one shoe does not fit all!  The more alternatives we have available means consumers have choice.

The ability to use what is the best fit or most suitable is always a bonus.

Grass where concrete was is not necessarily the right choice for you (eg if you  want to park cars on your drive) .  However it may well be totally fit for purpose for your neighbour for eg  who wants less of a hardstanding  garden area.

Resin bonded stone demand is not as high as resin bound.  Do you know the difference?  Be sure to make sure you are aware of the difference. 

Can it go on concrete? Does it go on hardcore? How durable is the bonded as opposed to the bound? Is it weed free? Does it require maintenance?

Resin bonded stone demand is going from strength to strength.  Landfill concerns  mean that if the existing surface is suitable it can be resurfaced.

From where we are based in the East Midlands (the Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire border) we can resurface your driveway path or patio. Providing you with a weed free alternative to the usual block paving, imprinted concrete, tarmac, and concrete options. Beeston, Bolsover, Clowne,Edwinstowe, Gedling, Kirkby in Ashfield, Matlock, Newthorpe, Old Whittington, Radcliffe on Trent, Sheffield,  Walesby,  or Wollaton.

Towns local to us in Mansfield for example  Arnold, Bilborough, Bramcote, Caunton, Church Warsop,  Forest Town, Hucknall, Langwith Junction, Mansfield, North Wingfield, Oxton, Ratcliffe on Trent, Sherwood, South Normanton, Stretton, Tollerton,Walton and  Woodthorpe


Resin bonded stone recent images

July 30th, 2021

resin bonded stone stability

May 31st, 2021

Resin bonded stone stability

Resin Bonded stone stability is a key benefit in providing a durable anti-skid surfacing system.  The purpose of which was created originally for road use.  However we have been providing  resin bonded stone driveways paths and patios for the last 18 years.  Our resin bonded installs  ensure the bonding of our aggregates to solid monolithic bases resulting in non migrating aggregates. Resin bonded stone stability. Attractive and decorative.  Relying on the existing surface which  is unlike resin bound surfacing. Our install can be completed in a day without the need for skips.  Speed of cure is important in our works.  Minimal mess and disruption all round. No need for waste removal and disposal.

Our specialist aggregate is sourced from tried and tested suppliers.  Suppliers who have rigorous processes in place to ensure the suitability, strength and durability of this specialist media.

Our resin resurfacing is designed not to affect existing levels.  The resin bonded stone  is applied to the substrate.  Concrete and tarmac are the ideals.  Structurally sound being key.  Very often the visual concerns which our clients raise are exactly that meaning visual.

Concrete will have been used for the base for a clients property.  Therefore if it is good enough for the weight and structure of the property in the form of footings our  resin resurfacing will be well supported.

Based in Nottinghamshire we can provide free no obligation quotes.  Mansfield, Shirebrook, Heanor, Ripley, Alfreton, Kirkby in Ashfield, Sutton in Ashfield, Stonebroom, Shirland, Higham, Clay Cross, Tibshelf.

Call now for a free no obligation quote. 01623 623986 or email us at

resin bonded stone pricing

April 30th, 2021

resin bonded stone pricing

resin bonded stone pricing is a popular subject now the  fairweather gardening time has arrived.

As with most building materials an estimate ( an approximate)  is just what it says.  A quote ( a fixed charge) is a price for doing the job.

It is not always possible for certain trades and businesses to provide a quote,  only an estimate.  Why?  Because until the job is started  for example there could be unforseen works costs that will need to adjust the price of the service.

How much is the job?  Can it be based on a standard for resin bonded stone pricing?

Prices for resin have recently increased.  The pandemic, delays in supplies and raw materials costs. Then there is the demand.  Raw materials make up 50-90 percent of the resin cost. 

The simplicity of our installs (simplicity in our case meaning uncomplicated)  is one of the benefits.  Unlike installing a brand new surface when it is necessary to remove the existing.

Our resin bonded stone pricing is based on a few basic principals

The size of the area to be resurfaced

The condition of the surface to be resin bonded

The type of specialist media required



There are other factors involved but the above are the main criteria.



Resin Bonded  Gravel and Resin Bonded  Aggregate providing an alternative to the usual options  for your driveway path or patio. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. 

We are based in Nottinghamshire . We have completed anti slip surfacing  in Skegby,  Aspley,  Bilsthorpe, Bulwell,  Clay cross, Cotgrave  Huthwaite,  Mansfield Woodhouse, New Houghton,  Pentrich, Ravenshead, Sellers Wood, Shirebrook,  Toton, Warsop, Worksop

resin bonded stone install history

March 31st, 2021

resin bonded stone install history

Over the years we at Drive-Cote have installed a varied selection of paths patios and driveways providing our customers with the opportunity to peruse our resin bonded stone install history.

For example in March of 2013 we talked about  Suds compliance and gave examples of working with resin on concrete and tarmac for paths patios and driveways.

Resin bonded driveway edging


Feel free to view our resin bonded stone install history  and to see examples of our work.

We are an independent Mansfield company and pride ourselves on providing bespoke solutions.  However it should always be remembered that one shoe does not fit all.  We will only work on surfaces that suitable


Resin Bonded  Gravel and Resin Bonded  Aggregate provide an alternative to the usual options  for your driveway path or patio. If it’s not broke don’t fix it. 






We are based in Nottinghamshire .  We have completed anti slip surfacing  in Skegby,  Aspley,  Bilsthorpe, Bulwell,  Clay cross, Cotgrave,Doncaster, Huthwaite, Mansfield Woodhouse, New Houghton, Pentrich,  Ravenshead, Sellers Wood, Shirebrook,  Sutton Bonnington, Toton, Warsop, Worksop

driveway pothole resurfacing

February 28th, 2021

driveway pothole resurfacing

In April 2013 we wrote about  pothole problems and we think that this will be even more of an issue for the countrywide road system going forward.

Wear and tear
Manpower issues in general
Covid 19 pandemic 

Weather changes affected by global warming can be contributory factors to deterioration in the road surfaces as well.  Creating a need for  some of us to consider driveway pothole resurfacing.

Notts County Council say on their website


driveway pothole resurfacing

What is a pothole and how do they form? 

“A pothole is a large, deep hole in the road. They are formed when roads freeze and thaw repeatedly. The changes in temperature causes damage to the surface. Layers of the road become unstuck or the surface breaks. As traffic travels over these weakened areas holes appear. 

Potholes can appear at any time of year but are more frequent during late winter and early spring”. 

Our driveways paths and patios can be subject to similar deterioration.  Tarmac and concrete are strong substrates but may need a little tlc over the years.  Sometimes the surface may have been physically marked and damaged (oil spills and skip damage for example) sometimes they may be beyond repair and require a brand new surface.

Our resin bonded surface (bonded not bound) cannot always work with all issues, however one of the main benefits of our resin is the ability to resurface an existing surface and to not affect the existing level.

Frost damage, heave and shelling all allow the elements to attack the surface but as long as the structure is sound this will only be surface damage to start with.  However left to deteriorate without protection this could eventually be irreparable.

Our resin is a polyurethane based product if you require some technical trivia please see . This website talks about the advantages and properties.  The site talks about the abrasion and impact resistance for example.  This is an aspect that is key and relevant to the resin and the aggregates to be used. Crushing, impact and gravity and water absorption being relevant. 

Science and technology is behind the correct use of resins and aggregates and the different applications.

We have been working within the local area for in excess of 15 years now.  Our Resin Bonded Gravel can protect, anti slip and extend the life of your existing concrete or tarmac surface.

Blidworth,  Chesterfield, Clipstone, Cromford, East Bridgford, Kilburn, Long Eaton, Mapperley, New Tupton, Nottingham, Pinxton, Ruddington, Stapleford, Sutton in Ashfield, Kirkby in Ashfield  West Bridgford, Ripley, Ravenshead, Bilsthorpe.

For driveway pothole resurfacing with resin bonded stone call Simon or Faith  quotes 01623 623986

winterproof resin bonded stone

January 31st, 2021

Winterproof resin bonded stone

Now is the time to beat the slippy and icy surfaces with a winterproof resin bonded stone anti slip surface.

Resin bound surfacing  encapsulates the stone and is trowelled on to surfaces meaning the new  surface is not as anti slip as a  resin bonded stone area.  The uniqueness of a resin bonded surface is that the shape and size of the aggregate and the fact that it sits proud of the resin whilst also being partly embedded in resin for adhesion.

winterproof resin bonded stone


Road use is where the winterproof resin bonded stone started –  providing anti skid properties but at the same time offering a durable and protective  surface.

Winter time is catching up fast and in October 2013 we wrote about how the weather can be a dictate for installations

However once again we see the statements by some companies that they can apply resin (resin bound and resin bonded) when it is raining.   But be very wary of these claims as a resin drive installation Winter time can be hard work.  The weather does not have to halt a project, but it can hold it to ransom!  Concrete and tarmac have different porosity qualities so the surface for  resin drive installations Winter time can dictate on how and when to apply a resin bonded or resin bound application







Colours and designs available and with free no obligation quotes why not call for a free chat 01623 623986.  Mansfield, Bolsover, Grassmoor, Ripley, Sutton in Ashfield, Kirkby in Ashfield.


anti slip surfacing by Drive-Cote Ltd

December 28th, 2020

anti slip surfacing by Drive-Cote Ltd provides an important and useful quality. Difficult to replicate in any other resurfacing options available.  It has hi friction anti slip properties.    Anti slip surfacing being a rough gravel like surface ensuring good adhesion for both foot and vehicular access.  Block paving, imprinted concrete and tarmac do not provided the unique benefit that resin bonded stone provides. 

Over a year ago we wrote about the benefits of resin bonded stone

anti slip surfacing by Drive-Cote Ltd

Aftercare and maintenance required for anti slip surfacing by Drive-Cote Ltd  is minimal. A stiff brush to remove excess aggregate. The occasional jetwash is all that is required.  Not so for resin bound though so be sure to make the correct choice for your requirements.

Back in June 2014 we pointed out some  differences between the 2 installs 


Quality materials and suppliers are also key .  Derbyshire Aggregates are one of the stalwarts of the industry. On their website  you will find a large amount of information.  As a home owner we would would advise you to find as much background information with regard to the suitability of the resin options as possible.

We are based in Mansfield and can provide you with free no obligation quotes.  Call Simon and Faith for a chat  about anti slip surfacing by Drive-Cote Ltd.

Mansfield, Sutton in Ashfield, Ripley, Alfreton, Ravenshead, Shirebrook, Heanor, Alfreton, Stonebroom, Shirland, Pinxton, South Normanton and Hilcote.  We can cover all these areas.  Concrete or tarmac or imprinted  concrete we can resurface without affecting the existing surfaces.

resin bonded driveway edging

November 28th, 2020

Resin bonded driveway edging

          Resin bonded driveway edging is something we do get asked about.  However resin bonded driveways paths and patios do not necessarily  require this.  Nothing is standard.  Each individual drive, surface, finish and requirement is client specific.

Our resin bonded stone is not the same as resin bound.  Resin bonded stone does not have to be applied to the depth required by resin bound surfacing.  Resin bonded stone does not necessarily need the same surface as a resin bound.  These basic differences can not only make a difference as to whether edgings are required or but they can also make a difference to the overall cost.

Sometimes edgings are a requirement of the client rather than a requirement of the install.

Resin bonded driveway edging Mansfield resin bonded stone by Drive-Cote Ltd






Resin bonded stone resurfacing covers what is in place – existing concrete and tarmac.  It does not provide a brand     new surface.  Resin bonded stone therefore does not affect existing levels and does not  actually require edgings to install.

Resin bonded stone can be installed on surfaces which already have edgings in place – i.e. stone setts or block paving.  This therefore means that as our resin does not affect existing levels and can be applied on the existing tarmac, concrete or imprinted concrete and will finish neatly without affecting the existing edgings.

resin bonded stone upcycling service

Coloured or natural edgings or a coloured or natural finish –  the choices are there.

Anti slip, durable protective and attractive  – our resin bonded stone can extend the life of existing surfaces without the usual time, mess and disruption caused by the usual block paving, tarmac, concrete and imprinted concrete options. 


Mansfield, Kirkby in Ashfield Sutton in Ashfield, Raveshead, Alfreton. Shirland and Stonebroom.  Call for free  no obligation quotes 01623 623986