Resin Bonded Aggregate driveway

resin driveway cost

If it is resin bonded gravel or resin bound gravel driveway will it make a difference to a resin driveway cost?

The simple answer to this is yes!  However not only will the type of surfacing (resin bonded stone  or resin bound stone) make  a difference to a resin driveway cost,  so will the substrate all ready in place.  As will the purpose for the resin driveway.

If for the sake of simplicity you have an existing concrete or tarmac driveway in place then a  resin bonded aggregate would be the way to go.

We at Drive-Cote Ltd pride ourselves on offering primarily a resurfacing service which is where resin bonded aggregate is the perfect option.  it does not affect existing levels (ideal for existing concrete, tarmac and imprinted concrete surfaces and dpc levels) and if the basic structure is solid and sound why remove it?  The resin bonded resurfacing provides an anti slip and weed free option.

And the resin driveway cost?  Making certain assumptions such as the condition of the existing concrete or tarmac requiring minimal preparation work then sized as follows (vat inclusive)

resin driveway cost

  • Up to 30 sqm  £1200
  • Up to  50 sqm  £1950
  • Up to  70 sqm  £2750
  • Up to 100 sqm  £3950


However check out this site to give you some inspirations ideas