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Drive-Cote Rapid Cure Resin Bonded Resurfacing


Drive-Cote Rapid Cure Bonding Resin is a cold hand laid anti-slip, decorative resurfacing product for areas that are in need of refurbishment.  Resin Bonded Resurfacing is suitable for driveways, paths, patios – any existing concrete, tarmac or  paving slabs in some cases.

It produces a surface which gives the look of a natural gravel area, but one which is firmly bonded, reducing dust and inconvenience. It uses existing surfaces such as tarmac, concrete and paving slabs as a base. It does not affect existing levels,  prevents the ingress of water and as it is a non porous product,  it eliminates the growth of weeds.

This product has been assessed under the Highways Agency Product Approval Scheme and has been granted Road and Bridges Agrement Certification.

Drive-Cote Rapid Cure Resin Bound Surfacing


Drive-Cote Rapid Cure Bound Resin is a cold hand laid decorative surfacing providing a smooth gloss finish.

It produces a surface which gives the look of a natural gravel area but one which is encapsulated within the Resin.  This Resin has to be trowelled on and is suitable for paths,  patios and treepits.   Resin Bound Surfacing needs to be laid to a minimum of 16mm and can affect existing levels.

Please note differences in temperature and humidity will affect curing times of both products.

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