Mansfield resin bonded driveway

resin bonded stone

  • Antislip
  • Weed Free and Maintenance Free
  • Does not affect existing levels
  • Can be completed in a day! No mess! No disruption!

Suitable for  existing surfaces such as Concrete, Imprinted Concrete, Asphalt and  Tarmac  for vehicles, and  Paving Slabs for foot traffic.

Resin Bonded Stone is a polyurethane based resurfacing alternative to the  usual standard driveway, path and patio options such as Concrete, Tarmac, Asphalt,  Imprinted Concrete, Paving Slabs and Block Paving.  Resurfacing can be completed in a day, without the need to have the existing surface removed.  No Mess! No disruption!

Concrete, Imprinted Concrete, Tarmac,  Asphalt  and  Paving Slabs are  used  as the  base  eliminating  the need to remove the existing surface and resulting in a durable, attractive and antislip surface.

Our Resin Bonded resurfacing system protects and extends the life of your existing surface.

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