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Case Studies – Resin Bonded Gravel

Due to the simplicity of using  Resin Bonded Gravel we can  virtually eliminate any  mess and disruption usually asscociated with driveway works.  No skips necessary!   No need to remove existing concrete and tarmac.  We use your existing as a base.

Dpc levels, manholes and drainage channels are not affected due to  the fact that Resin Bonded Gravel only has a 5mm depth. Our Resin Bonded Gravel is an extremely tough product –  approved – for use on roads  so well above any driveway specification and use.

(hover over image to see what it looked like before)
The original concrete surface   for this job was  extremely poor – very broken concrete – but look at it after.  Our special prepartory  waterproof mortar infills the cracks and weeds.  This enables the application of Resin.   What a difference our Resin Bonded Gravel  makes.  The Resin Bonded Gravel provides an impermeable surface.  This prevents the ingress of water which over the winter time can make your unprotected concrete susceptible to the freeze/thaw  effect.  It also prevents weed growth and eliminates maintenance.
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