Resin Drive for Crazy Paving surface

February 3rd, 2013

carzy paving with weedsResin Drive for Crazy Paving Surface

Visit to a prospective client in Mansfield this weekend.

They wanted us to have a look at their drive (crazy paving) and path (concrete).

On arrival it was clear that this old crazy paving driveway – which had been down quite a few years – would not be suitable. It had become very unstable and susceptible to weeds.

Being down for 30 years plus and the fact that it was a driveway  made this crazy paving surface totally unsuitable for our Resin Bonded Paving.  The drive had sunk in various places badly.  Vehicle weight being a contributory factor.  There were also  drainage problems resulting in  standing water.  This was particularly bad outside the front door.  (Very similar to a case we went out to assess Chesterfield last year)

It was suggested that the whole area be excavated and removed.  An eco-drain could be inserted across the width of the new proposed driveway to collect water.  In addition a soakaway  would be constructed  in the garden area to take this water.  There is a particularly bad back fall to this property and this simple drainage installation would prevent the pooling and standing water.

There is a path to the side elevation which is currently a paving slab area.  Underneath these slabs is a concrete base so a really good foundation is in place.  This would be suitable for our Resin Bonded application. As this is only a footpath and does not take any vehicle weight, the Resin Drive resurfacing would be a good choice. No mess no disruption.  Minimal preparation work required – filing with our specialist resin compliant mortar.  Also offering anti slip properties.

Our prospective client agreed with our findings and assessment.

Our Resin Bonded Aggregate works are not always suitable for all tarmac, concrete, imprinted concrete and slabbed surfaces. Sometimes the removal of existing surfaces is required irrelevant of whether our Resin Bonded Resurfacing is required.

This particular client needed to have a much improved surface and access as he and his wife were having more and more mobility problems over the years.  They needed to have an  improved  access and make it a safe solid , anti slip surface and to eliminate the drainage issues.

It was agreed that we excavate and install a good solid concrete base, the drainage channel  and soakaway which would then need a 6 week curing time.

We can  then  resurface this concrete base with our resurfacing system and install an anti slip Resin Drive.

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