Paths to be resurfaced with Resin Bonded Gravel

March 5th, 2013

Paths to be resurfaced with Resin Bonded Gravel

On a local search of the internet I found the following question

“With an extensive network of paths to manage, in your experience what surface material is the most trouble free? One that doesn’t accumulate (too much) dirt for moss and weeds to flourish, doesn’t need raking to keep “fresh”. Are the self-binding aggregates/hoggin a good option”Resin Bonded Gravel path

We at Drive-Cote Ltd believe that with the wet weather and the damp conditions that seem to last all year sometimes,  that it would be  right to try and reduce (eliminate would be nice but that is probably far reaching!)  the moss and weeds.  Also minimal maintenance would be quite important as there is an extensive  area to maintain.   The Paving Expert  has a lot of information on there as do a lot of members on LJN

Perhaps Resin Bonded resurfacing is an option for this?   We at Drive-Cote Ltd  believe Resin to be a really good option but it needs to be Resin Bonded Gravel  not Resin Bound Paving.  Not everyone is aware of the difference between Resin Bonded Gravel  and Resin Bound Paving.   Resin Bound  Paving is porous and Resin Bonded Gravel is not and this is quite an  important difference.  There is a lot of information out there promoting the use of Resin Bound Paving  as opposed to Resin Bonded Gravel.  We are in Nottinghamshire and primarily work with Resin Bonded Gravel  as we aim to resurface existing solid monolithic surfaces such as tarmac, concrete and imprinted concrete – if it’s not broke don’t fix it! Resin Bonded Gravel does not affect existing levels.  No weeds either!

Resin Bonded Gravel is ideal for use on paths BUT that is assuming they are basically sound. Resin Bonded Gravel  would provide a great resistance to moss  ( as it is not porous weeds and moss cannot get a grip like they can with slabs or block paving or Resin Bound Paving in some cases).  Another key benefit is the anti slip properties and the minimal inconvenience  when installing.  No mess! no disruption! no skips! no waste removal of existing surface.  With Resin Bonded Gravel not being  porous you should be aware  of the fall of paths –  the surrounding drainage –  that sort of thing as water dispersal needs to be considered.

The surface may well be suitable for Resin Bound Paving if it is purely for foot traffic.  However  Resin Bound Paving  is porous and therefore can allow moss and weeds and generally does not have  as much benefit with the anti slip aspect .   Resin Bound Paving encapsulates the aggregate and it  is generally applied to a greater depth and can therefore affect existing levels.

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