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June 21st, 2013

resin bonded gravel driveways Mansfield Mid June works in progress to complete two

Weather  has been very variable over the last few days.  Two resin bonded gravel driveways being on the agenda so we have had to really develop a game plan –  and change it –  on an hourly basis.  Such is the way it goes.

Two Mansfield resin jobs on the go this week.  Very rare are we able to bring together two resin bonded gravel driveways  for completion at the same time, in Mansfield  within a 5 mile radius. Fortunately as the weather has been playing a few tricks on us  – it has been timed just right.

The first of our resin bonded gravel driveways is a resurfacing of  a tarmac skim coat which is on top of an old concrete slope.  The finish required was to protect, extend and improve the appearance  and  access to this property.

mansfield drive concrete with a tarmac skim coat resin bonded gravel driveways mansfield ready for completion resin bonded gravel driveways mansfield resin bonded resurfacing by Drive-Cote ltd Mansfield Mansfield drive prepped ready for Drive-Cote Ltd resin bonded resufacing for Mansfield drive


Not a large job but one that certainly  will be improved.    This surface is certainly a rough one, but as you will see when it is completed, it  improves the appearance of the driveway totally.  Our resin bonded gravel driveways option allows completion in a day.   The surface we install will offer a weed free and anti slip impermeable surface .  No  weeds will be able to get a hold!

The 2nd  Mansfield job on the agenda is a little more detailed.  This concrete driveway and path around the perimeter of the property is in a reasonable condition.  Our client was originally wanting block paving, thinking that his only alternative was to remove the existing surface.  Then he found out about our resin bonded gravel resurfacing option. They have chosen a diamond design for their driveway  which I will put images on and you will be able to see from the images.

Quotes this week have been Lincoln, Farnsfield and Ambergate.  All our clients and enquiries are  particular to their needs and requirements, but also have to be assessed individually, as the existing surface can dictate what we can and cannot do. Our resin bonded gravel driveways option is not for everyone  – only today we have had an enquiry from Mansfield Woodhouse and this client has nothing down.  However, we can install concrete in this case and whilst it may not have the attractiveness of a resin bonded gravel  drive, we use existing surfaces such as concrete, tarmac, imprinted concrete and in some cases slabs.  Due to their  solid construction ( if laid correctly) they are perfect base.  Quoting at Kirkby in Ashfield later this week, so have really been very local!  Whether it is Nottinghamshire, Derbyshire or Yorkshire call us now.  Don’t wait till the bad weather returns.

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