resin bonded paving Nottingham

June 7th, 2013

resin bonded paving Nottingham

This week we have been called upon to sort out a red painted concrete driveway and front path for resurfacing  with our resin bonded paving at Nottingham.

The customer had previously painted the surface with a masonry paint.    The actual surface was fairly new but the client was not happy with the installation.  The new concrete driveway was just over a year old but the surface was constantly dusting off and due to his unhappiness and the frost spalling damage he wanted to cover it up.  In our opinion the concrete mix could have been too weak and it did look like a weak mix.  The client because of the dusting had tried to seal it with the paint, but he became increasingly  unhappy with it .

before Nottingham resin bonded paving drive-cote preparing to install resin bonded paving Nottingham nottingham resin bonded paving resin bonded paving by Drive-Cote  Ltd

Our client had called the installers back several times but they were adamant the surface was fine.  There are various factors  that could have contributed to the condition. As we said possibly  a weak mix,   or there is the possibility that  it could  just be a defective mix  or it could even improve with time –  but this was client was just not happy.  In fact the shutter boards were still in place!

A simple preparation job was all that was required.  Our specialist filler is designed to not react with the resin bonded paving ( as some standard fillers do) and that was all that was required.  Completed – a resin drive is installed –  all within a day.  What a difference this has made!

After the lads had completed the work, I called round to inspect and our client was over the moon with the improved look.  Now , no more dust and a surface that will remain durable and one which will protect from any further deterioration.  No more freeze thaw/frost effect.

An additional  Nottingham resin bonded paving one to complete.  This one has a slate infill detail.  Prior to application there was  pea gravel in some areas, but this has now been replaced  with the slate and it  really tidies up the area.   Our client  removed  pea gravel and we installed the  slate infill after completion of resin bonded paving area.  This area is currently used for drainage purposes and with the infill  of slate this will add a more attractive aspect than standard gravel but continue to offer  drainage in this  area.   This concrete drive, rear patio and front slabbed path all resurfaced.   Quite a mix but now ensuring uniformity  for this property.

The benefits of a resin drive far outweigh those of a block paved or imprinted concrete driveway – more so if the existing surface is to be removed when it is not necessary!  If it’s not broke don’t fix it.  Resin bonded paving for drives, paths and patios provides a surface which is

Anti slip

Maintenance Free

Weed free

We have been installing resin bonded drives on tarmac, concrete and imprinted concrete  for the Nottingham, Mansfield, Sutton in Ashfield, Kirby in Ashfield, Long Eaton and  Sandiacre areas for over 12 years.  Call the experts, we can do in a day what other driveway companies take a week to do!  Remember though there is a difference between resin bonded and resin bound!

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