Mansfield garden project by Drive-Cote Ltd

August 24th, 2013

Mansfield garden project by Drive-Cote Ltd

More turf arrived from our supplier 2 hours early for our Mansfield garden project.  Always a good sign for the customer –  but not always for Drive-Cote Ltd if we are not on site.!

Only  a small  area – 32 sqm.  This turf for the Mansfield garden project has come from a local supplier we have used before.


The area we are working on has been thoroughly watered previously and fertiliser has been applied to give the turf a good start.

Before laying we have destoned the area and finely raked to correct levels using a string line.

First strips laid to form a starting point.  The rolls were laid in a staggered brick bond pattern and the edges cut to the border using a sharp serrated knife.  All the rolls laid and cuts completed we have only one roll left over. So minimum wastage.  Always good. Soon as  we have completed the  sprinkler put in place and turf throroughly watered.

It is important not to let dry out for a few week until the roots take hold.  We would expect to give the lawn a light trim in 3 weeks time.

Lots of alternatives out there for the gardens now,  low maintenance artificial turf for example.  The choices for garden design are endless.  We have found over the years of working with gardens and driveways, that if you are dealing with large areas if they are put in to sections by way of paths, paving and turfing for example.  It is far easier to maintain areas then.  Gone are the days of square uniform areas.  Make your driveway, path or patio part of your overall design.

No need to have large concrete areas why not consider slate infills, decorative sections with gravel for example, striking planting.  Hardy plants, architectural structural  planting can add interest.  We are based in the East Midlands, Nottinghamshire, Leicestershire, Lincolnshire, call us now for a chat.  We can give you some free advice.   Weeds and maintenance should not be a necessity.  Have you thought about selling your excess garden plants?  or if you are in short supply buy from another fellow gardener?

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