resin bonded resurfacing quotation

September 14th, 2013

resin bonded resurfacing quotation

Quotation completed for a client in West Bridgford Nottingham.

This client had quite a large area of old red tarmac  in need of resin bonded resurfacing

The customer who had asked for a resin bonded resurfacing quotation,  had  a structurally sound but old and unsightly tarmac surface for his driveway.  The client did not want the disruption involved with  the removal of the existing  tarmac surface which is what is required for a new tarmac, imprinted concrete or concrete driveway.

The old red tarmac had a few pot holes as is the way nowadays with the freeze/ thaw process.  This had also resulted in weeds developing through (something that the resin bonded resurfacing  would virtually eliminate) .  These areas can be filled prior to the application of  our resin bonded stone using our specialist filler.

This resin bonded resurfacing quotation was actually about ¼ mile from two previous jobs we have completed but this client did not realise this until we  pointed this out.

One of the previous jobs also incorporated a decorative natural stone circle and slate detail.  This slate detail along with a resin bonded resurfacing surface  provides an all year round attractive, but virtually maintenance free option.

Whilst the other previous job  also had  a concrete driveway and paths to the front side, there  was a rear garden area.    this particular job also required a hand rail for steps.  This particular client ran a business from home and had a number of customers using the paths daily so an anti slip was very important  in winter time.

resin bonded resurfacing quotation

We have also been called out to provide a resin bonded resurfacing quotation for a client with a concrete driveway at Chesterfield.

This concrete surface had been down for over 30 years ( which shows the durability of concrete).  However over the last few years and the severe winters we have been experiencing,  this had caused this client to look at different options.  Structurally sound  but unsightly and without preventative measures  the surface will  deteriorate further.  This is when the client got in touch with us for a resin bonded resurfacing quotation.

As with the West Bridgford client, we have completed jobs local to this North Wingfield Chesterfield resin bonded resurfacing quotation.

5 resin bonded aggregate jobs in total so we have been able to direct this client to view previous works before he makes a decision on our resin bonded resurfacing quotation.   Mansfield, Carlton, Ravenshead, Derby, Sheffield, Kirkby in Ashfield.  If you have imprinted concrete, concrete or tarmac  a driveway, path or patio  we can help with our resin bonded aggregate aka resin bonded stone.


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