resin bonded stone quote recycling tarmac

September 12th, 2013

resin bonded stone quote recycling tarmac

Resin bonded stone quote recycling tarmac completed for a potential client in Newark Nottinghamshire for a resin driveway installation  with resin bonded stone to a tarmac surface.

This large existing tarmac driveway of approximately 250 sqm was basically sound.  It had been down a few years about 20 in fact.  This is a perfect surface for our resin driveway installation. There was lots of loose gravel due to the car tyre scrub and severe winters over the last 2 or 3 years.

resin bonded stone quote recycling tarmac

Recycling the existing is how we look at it!   Don’t forget if it’s not broke don’t fix it!

Consider –  how do you know that a new surface will be as good as the existing?

How do you know if you need planning permission?

Our Nottinghamshire client had also recently requested prices for tarmac, block paving and resin bound stone –  before we were invited to cost for this job.

The client did explain over a coffee, that he and his wife had not enjoyed the experience for the resin bound  or block paving quotes.  This was due to both companies  policy of hard sell tactics.  The client was “asked”  to sign and pay a  deposit “at the time”, and that the price supplied was purely for “at that time”.  This was by both companies

Sales teams on a commission basis are very often at the heart of this type of pushy and aggressive selling. This particular client was (after 2 hours of feeling bullied in his own home) not impressed at this way of selling.

We do not employ these tactics and they are tactics. We are a local East Midlands company with over 12 years  experience of providing a local service mainly  to the residential sector.  We pride ourselves on offering a personal service.   Our price is left with the customer and it is as simple as that.

We do  welcome competitive quotes from other driveway companies as it gives the customer some comparison.

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