resin driveway resurfacing for imprinted concrete

September 7th, 2013

resin driveway resurfacing for imprinted concrete

Quoting a bit further affield this week.  Going to  see a client with the potential for a resin driveway resurfacing for imprinted concrete.   This has not been down a long time, but the customer could not put up with it any more (his words not ours) .resin driveway resurfacing for imprinted concrete

During the last winter this client found the surface of the imprinted concrete to be slippy in icy conditions and in addition to this it had cracked in several places.  This can happen with imprinted concrete as very similar to the resin when installing, it can be quite tempermental.

Various remedies had been tried  several resealing coats including sand and glass balls to try and anti slip proof the surface,  but all methods tried had proved to be unreliable.   The client was convinced either he or his wife will slip over and end up hurting themselves.

This client had come to the conclusion that he needs a resin driveway resurfacing for imprinted concrete surface because of the qualities and benefits of resin driveway resurfacing for imprinted concrete.

  • Anti slip
  • Weed free
  • Maintenance free
  • Completed in a day
  • Does not affect existing levels

Remember though tarmac can be resurfaced as well.

resin driveway resurfacing for imprinted concrete

Our Drive-Cote Ltd system ticks all of the boxes.  Key to this client is the anti slip and the fact that the existing does not have to be removed  to offer a solution to their problem.  Looking  forward to hearing back from this client as our resin driveway resurfacing  for imprinted concrete would be the ideal solution.

Remember as well that if your driveway has a block paved edge we can tape this off and protect this and still resurface your existing surface with out it affecting existing levels.

We have covered quite a few over the years.  Unfortuntely it does mean that the pattern in place is hidden, but we have found the majority of resurfacing  with our resin bonded stone has been a necessity rather than a choice.  This is understandable as the cost of an imprinted concrete surface can be quite expensive.  Then to have to add further cost is not ideal.

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