Epperstone resin bonded driveway problem

October 15th, 2013

Epperstone resin bonded driveway problem

We have been called out by a local builder to provide a report on a residential property in Epperstone  that had a resin bonded driveway problem.

The owner of the property in Epperstone had had a resin bonded driveway problem which had occurred over the past few months.

At our site meeting with a representative of the building company  it was pointed out to us about  their customer’s  dissatisfaction with a couple of aspects of the work carried out by a Manchester  resin bonded installation  company.  

In our opinion there was  a small area towards the front gate that was puddling.  However to be honest if we were to have given it any attention it would probably  look visually worse as the  patched up area would be visible.  One of the resurfacing benefits with resin bonded stone is not to have to remove the existing concrete, tarmac or imprinted concrete,  However it can only cover what is down and will not  necessarily eliminate dips and undulations.

Like a lot of products, batches vary and it would be evident when a different batch of stone is used to rectify this resin bonded driveway problem.  In addition it would have the appearance of a patch –  being slightly raised on the edges.

Another aspect of concern were the areas of rust spotting.  This is where iron oxide is present in the stone granules and over time this leeches out causing rust spots or discolouration.  This  in time develops into stripes and will certainly become evident as a resin bonded driveway problem.

According to the paving expert “Rust stains arise from water running over metal fixtures and fittings then depositing iron particles on the paving and/or from the oxidation (rusting) of iron-rich compounds in the aggregate of the paving”

Unfortunately this problem cannot be resolved  once laid when with a resin bonded driveway.  We are particularly careful in our selection of stone media to avoid this problem.  The only real solution to this resin bonded driveway problem would be to recover.

Specialist installers are required to ensure these resin bonded driveway problems are minimised.

We have been working with anti slip and weed free surfacing for over 12 years now, and we do not see rust spotting too often now.  With good product knowledge the installers should have known of issues with the stone being used.

Amber flint which was very popular a few years ago, had issues like this on some batches, so we no longer use this.  Any markings by the iron oxide are not of any detriment to the surface, installation or application.  However visually they can be evident.

Mansfield based we are well situated to work in areas such as Nottingham, Calverton, Epperstone, Lowdham, Matlock, Youlgrave, Ilkeston, Derby and Sheffield just to name a few. So call Drive-Cote and can advise you and provide a free no obligation quote for your path, patio or driveway.


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