Clay Cross Ravenshead resin drive enquiries

March 28th, 2014

Clay Cross Ravenshead resin drive enquiries

The weather is certainly promoting interest  in the driveway sector this week.  We have come across a mix of surfaces to quote for. Ranging from garden projects to resin bound paving.   Clay Cross Ravenshead resin drive enquiries being the most prevalent at the moment.

Our suppliers of the aggregates for our resurfacing have recently celebrated over 30 years  of trading in specialist aggregates.

Quite a few of our customers are surprised how specialised the materials are that we use.  This is what makes a resin drive a  durable and effective product.

The Clay Cross Ravenshead resin drive enquiries this week were residential prospects.  However commercial requests are a lot more popular now as well.  The demand for the resin is increasing by the year.    We like to consider  this to be a recycling option for a driveway, path or patio.  No skips required to remove the existing.

Large commercial installations can offer an effective option saving on the mess and disruption which can be caused by the more common options such as block paving.  Why?  Because with the resin bonded resurfacing we at Drive-Cote  offer, works can be completed in a day and can be driven on the same day.  We will hasten to add not in all cases as size does have a bearing.  In addition the resin bonded resurfacing needs to be laid on a dry surface to ensure maximum efficacy.  This also means we are quite often at the mercy of the weather.

Large projects completed by commercial companies can boast the benefits of resin bonded resurfacing 

The life span  for a Clay Cross Ravenshead resin drive for example can vary from 5 to 15 years.  In most cases longer than this.  The choice of specialist aggregates used and the general use of the surface can all have a bearing.    As an example the same choice of aggregate for a driveway will have a more extensive durability than an installation used for a car park for instance.  The surface to which the aggregate is applied will also have a bearing. And remember a resin drive can offer a virtually weed  free anti slip option.

What should be important to remember is the fact that our Drive-Cote Ltd resurfacing stems from road use.  Therefore for residential areas such as Clay Cross Ravenshead resin drives paths or patios  are in excess of the requirements for general use.

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