resin gravel surfaces providing tarmac protection

July 4th, 2014

resin gravel surfaces

What do you have at present? Concrete? tarmac? imprinted concrete? slabs? block paving?  All the usual suspects so to speak! perhaps you need to be looking at alternatives to the norm and if so why not take a look at resin gravel surfaces?

  • Can be completed in a day

  • Anti slip

  • Seamless option

  • Virtually maintenance free as it is resistant to algae weeds and moss.

  • Uses natural stone from local quarries

  • No need to remove the existing and does not affect current levels

Drive-Cote Ltd have been installing resin bonded aggregate, resin bound paving and tree pits for over 12 years.  During this time we have seen regular reports about the tarmac and pothole problem and it seems to be getting worse year on year.  Only this week in the Mansfield Chad there is a report of £2.7 million handout to fix pothole-riddled roads.

According to the report there are more than 50,000 potholes!  Being caused by” damage from floods and extreme weather over the past year”.  We know for a fact it is longer that a year.  it also goes on to say “potholes damage cars, motorbikes and cycles which in turn cost money to repair” This is what can happen to your driveway path and patio.  Tarmac,  imprinted concrete and concrete are impermeable surfaces but the section or surface open to the elements becomes subject to wear and tear and damage.


Resin gravel surfaces have been installed on the roadways for a number or years  but for anti skid purposes.  However, the resin gravel surface has an impermeable  layer which when applied to concrete, tarmac and imprinted concrete provides a durable and protective surface. It has no real penetration levels making it even more tougher than concrete and tarmac.  Having said that solid monolithic surfaces need to be in place before installation of any resin gravel surfaces.

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