resin aggregate driveway benefits

October 29th, 2014

resin aggregate driveway benefits

What is or are resin aggregate driveway benefits – where do we start?


Virtually no maintenance

Anti slip

Cost effective

Can be completed in a day


Suds compliance

Virtually weed free surface

Choice of colours and finishes.

Uses the existing surface.

That’s quite a list for resin aggregate driveway benefits.  Whether your existing surfaces are  concrete, tarmac or imprinted concrete and even slabs in some cases, resin bonded stone can be applied.

To elaborate a little on the above benefits – Suds Compliance for eg.  Our clients very often believe that they must have a permeable surface to be Suds Compliant. This is not the case. What the Suds Compliance requirement is, is that “run off water is managed”.  As simple as that.  That could mean the surface area you already  have is Suds Compliant. In addition this only applies to front gardens! Resin aggregate  driveway benefits can enhance, protect and extend the life of your existing surface.

What  a lot of clients do not realise is that that surface they already have may not look very nice but a lot of the time this can be surface damage only.  In the case of concrete it is an extremely versatile product and has been around for years.   Concrete as a base to for weight bearing purposes  is a product that is hard to beat.  So whether you are in Mansfield, Wellow, Ollerton, Ilkeston, Ripley, Stonebroom, Alfreton, Sbirebrook. Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire or  Leicestershire.  Call us for a free no obligation chat.  We can send you some information out, or call out and quote.   Don’t forget your driveway path or patio can enhance your garden.   If you have a block paved edge  no problem one of the resin aggregate driveway benefits is that it does not affect existing levels.

Ring Simon or Faith for honest advice.  So take advantage of  the resin aggregate driveway benefits which can extend the life of your concrete, imprinted concrete tarmac or slabs.  01623 623986.


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