concrete resin bonded overlay alternative Nottinghamshire

December 30th, 2016

concrete resin bonded overlay alternative

Concrete resin bonded overlay is an alternative to the more back breaking options if you already have a concrete or tarmac surface in place.

The many benefits of a concrete resin bonded overlay include

  •  Recycling the existing surface
  • Can be completed in a day without the mess and disruption associated with the removal and replacement of the existing concrete or tarmac
  • High anti slip properties (particularly with resin bonded resurfacing) that no other product in the market place at present can compete with
  • Choice of colours and finishes for a  concrete resin bonded overlay  (don’t take our word for it this local supplier of specialist media offer a varied selection)
  • Virtually weed and maintenance free
  • No change to existing levels with a concrete resin bonded overlay
  • No major noisy or invasive machinery or equipment is required as a hand laid process bespoke and individual projects are created.The work involved in removing an existing surface (and more so if it is a good solid structure) is time consuming, costly and physical.   

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This helpful post goes on to say “The nature of concrete is that it is very strong and using a breaker is the only real way of cutting it up into manageable size pieces so that it can be cleared. There are a number of different breakers available or jackhammers as they are sometimes called. Typically a builder would use a hydraulic breaker as shown in the picture, or a pneumatic breaker powered by a compressor. For DIY, an electric heavy duty breaker would be more appropriate. These are readily available from tool hire shops and you should take the time to familiarise yourself with the operation of the particular tool that you hire. Hire shops will run through the method and provide you with instructions but, make sure you ask if you are unsure about anything” confirms that a lot of physical work can be involved and the question is why when it is not necessary if a concrete resin bonded overlay is a possible.

Free quotes available call Simon or Faith on 01623 623986.

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