resin bonded USP

April 28th, 2017

resin bonded USP

a resin bonded USP for your concrete or patio would have to be the fact that it uses an existing surface as a base.

Not all resin resurfacing is bonded and therefore does not provide the benefit of the USP on using an existing surface.  This week we have been provided with a number of enquiries all needing clarification as to the difference between resin bonded and resin bound surfacing and paving options.

We are Mansfield based and have been working with resin for nearly 2 decades and even to this day we still have to clarify the differences in resin, its purposes and uses and the benefits.

resin bonded USP

We have even recently seen a resurfacing with resin on a block paved drive which is not a something we advocate. Resin is a solid monolithic surface the same as concrete and tarmac and installing resin bonded stone on an impermeable surface means it reinforces the stability and strength of the resin.  The USP being it uses existing surfaces.  Don’t take our word for it.  Call for an example near you.

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