historical resin bonded stone

October 29th, 2020

historical resin bonded stone

We have been completing resin bonded stone resurfacing works for nearly 20 years.  We first started to record images and historical resin bonded stone works on our website information in 2012.  However our records go further back thank this.

Our original resin bonded stone works were completed with an Epoxy product but over the years and with development in technology we moved on to polyurethane which is a much improved resin.

In November 2012 we talked about Bound or Bonded options along with working with imprinted concrete and tarmac.

December 2014 we discussed  the benefit of the anti slip qualities  but we also tried to explain the complexities of working with a very weather dictorial product.

Resin uses existing concrete patio surface base Porous permeable suds compliant resin Drive-Cote Ltd Resin Stone































Moving forward we provided a selection of areas we have and can work in together with a selection of images. 

We have always throughout our posts highlighted the difference between bound and bonded and the fact that each alternative provides a different solution.  Bonded for protective, durable and anti slip qualities.  Bound being permeable providing a more smooth finish.

Over the years the popularity of resin has soared and whilst the Covid issues this year  have presented difficulties to the trading of all business this has not diminished the interest in resurfacing.

So if it is concrete tarmac or imprinted concrete why not protected and extend its life?  We provide free no obligation quotes.  Mansfield, Ashfield, Ilkeston, Heanor and Ravenshead.  Just ask the question –  why are houses built with concrete footings?  Durability and strength being key aspects and who knew how complex and varied concrete can be?  So if your drive is concrete don’t remove it use it! Resin bonded stone can offer an attractive resurfacing option.



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