driveway tarmac concrete or resin

February 27th, 2016

driveway tarmac concrete or resin

Is this the question or is driveway tarmac concrete or resin the answer?

Over the years of working with resin, we have researched and followed a large number of reputable driveway companies -both large and small with regard to the installation of tarmac in particular.
When we first started in resin bonded stone resurfacing over 15 years ago, it was a little known product and over the years we have seen the industry grow.

driveway tarmac concrete or resin

Now commercial and residential installations can be seen all over the country. The rise in the use of resin bonded stone and resin bound paving has seen the use of tarmac and concrete continue to be popular. As a surface for a vehicle or vehicles there is little that can compare to the monolithic properties of tarmac and concrete.

Now there can be issues with the installs of concrete and tarmac and issues once laid – cracking for concrete or poor or unsuitable mixes, or sticky tarmac  can create big issues particularly if an experienced and knowledgeable contractor is not used but if laid correctly a good quality solid monolithic surface can last 30 years or more. Yes there may be surface deterioration, but a good solid quality install, structurally, can last a lifetime.

Which is exactly why we use concrete and tarmac as a base for our resin bonded installs. The existing surface is the surface that takes the weight of the vehicle and for our resin bonded aggregate concrete and tarmac are the perfect base.

driveway tarmac concrete or resin


Suds permeability and water management are all high on our lists of priorities (or should be) but that doesn’t mean to say you have to lay a permeable surface. Just manage the run off water and to do this there are a variety of options including making sure the fall on your driveway is correct. Mind you if you think that is a simple option think again!

So back to the driveway tarmac concrete or resin – consider carefully before you remove an existing surface and think about resurfacing with resin bonded stone.  Over 2 years ago we were writing about gardens driveways drainage floods

Anti slip virtually weed free, can be installed in a day. Suitable for driveway paths or patios. Uses concrete, tarmac and imprinted concrete as a base.

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